Various series of continuous experimentations on digital matter often based on analog drawings.

A first attempt to work on a cosmos representation, through the layers of a repeatedly printed image, produced black and white textures and revealed almost palpable wonders. Although the outcome lacks the depth of space, it reveals a poetic atmosphere through their elusive and undefined nature.

For Das Büro des Präsidenten.
Creation of the logo, website and communication supports of a company offering process engineering solutions for chemical laboratory and industries.

The society was created by two chemical engineers, who wanted to offer their experience in project management and the realization of chemical engines. The identity was developed around the idea of base and fundament represented by three lines and a simple hidden ruler grid. Besides the allusion to the founders expertise, it gives the layout a clear structure, a spirit of responsibility and inspires trust.

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With José Béreaud, Laura Knoops, Alice Lobel, Nicolas Polli.
Co-creation of a graphic designers club, whose aim was to visually react to soccer matches during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Each member was invited to develop a potential logo and to spon­taneously react to any of the matches. Thought as a light way to produce frequently and freely, it led to an exercise that allowed us to try and discover new graphic languages.

1. France/Switzerland – 20.06 | 5-2
2. Brazil/Chile – 28.06 | 1(3)-1(2)
3. Ghana/Germany – 21.06 | 2-2
4. Japan/Colombia – 24.06 | 1-4

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With Jemina Bickel for Panatom.
Postcards set realized for the opening of the new permanent exhibition of the Kleist Museum Frankfurt Oder. All illustrations are taken from the „Kosmologische Unterhaltungen für junge Freunde der Naturkenntniß“, written by Wünsch in 1794.

Design and code development for the personal website of a painting student at the Universität der Kunst Berlin.

Martina Brodolini needed a clear and reserved virtual repertory of her painting and art works. The design is based around big, almost full-screen images, which force the viewer to explore the works differently by diving into them. The possibility to publish series and smaller pictures also allows to have an overview through a more classical visual presentation.

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Various series of continuous experimentations on digital matter often based on analog drawings.

Exploration of materials by diving into them and analyzing them deeper. Examination of the reactions to stretching, blurring, destruction and recomposition.

For Das Büro des Präsidenten
Elaboration of the new year wishes under the motto “Good mood 2016”.

After the year 2015 we decided to work on a way to bring people closer and to stimulate a nice and positive attitude towards one another. As a studio sending wishes to clients and partners, we focused on work relations and offered an opportunity to spread good mood in the daily office life. We created not only a new year’s card, but also pre-printed post-its that need to be used in order to reveal the printed card. The post-it quotes were clearly intended to be used in the office and shared as positive thoughts. They encourage to reckon the good work of a colleague, share a lunch with another, to send one home after a productive day — to recognize people’s actions and value them.

Presentation kit for a Korean-French translator, event manager and more.

Mélissa David can not be defined by a single work title. Curious, open-minded and often collaborating with people she has met, she needed a business card that would not restrain her to one aspect of her life.

Analyzing of the variety of her present and future tasks led me to imagine an evolutive symbol representing her flexibility. The symbol can be put on any visual, texture or paper, following her in her life journey.