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Collaboration with Elke Foltz. Photography: Arnaud Ele. Model: Julie Burkardt.

Bewerbungstraining is a cathartic duo of scarves. The necessity for every creative to represent oneself often brings questionments about one’s own legitimacy and creativy. As they were struggling to etablish their practice, Elke & Lou stepped right into those problems, casting doubt on their work and ability to live from them. They decided to loosen up from this strict gruelling reflection in some way.

The degradations, pixelations and glitches, which appear in the scarves, echoe the uncertainty and doubts accompagning every attempt of an objective self-representation. The colored and black scarves mirror each other as positive and negative reflections; one saying the full potential, the other reducing it to its destructured struggling core.

Collaboration with Vitali Studio. Visual creation for a curated techno club night.

Radiation is aiming to be a techno night series curating artists, with a strong atten­tion on the creation of a joint essence in the plura­lity of their voices. Artists are chosen and briefed indivi­dually, in such a way, that they can resonate to each other and build a singular experience. On the 9th of February 2018, the first event took place in Berlin.

We were curated to create the visual world of the event. To resonate with radiating spirit, we used the terres­trial magne­tism as an inspi­ration and generated an evocative visual, which could possibly evolve within a series.

Single cover design for the new release of JODY RAAR, artist embracing a full musical spectrum, from Ambient to Techno.

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» Between introspective exploration and soft confusion, he sharpened his sound meandering in the grey area of fiction and reality. […] From chaos to harmony, the quest often leads to dead-ends and fractal crisis, but the dream is lucid and the drumming heavy. «
— Phosphène Tour Press

» Jody Raar’s techno is haute couture and self-destructive. A public, uplifting nostalgia for places no one has been yet. «
— Dynno Dada.

Development of visuals for scarves. Printed on polyester in a very limited quantity.

Spontaneous collection of scarves intended to be a first trial before the development of a series. Experimentation with formats and unpredictable pleats, while having the challenge of printing on textile in mind.

Films and scans of various light elements became the starting point of an exploration of digital material. Working on the outcome by adding textures, depth or stretching the pixels allowed me to interact with the material and shape the visuals.

Creation of the visual world of the Phosphene Tour, which took place in spring 2018 in Europe, with Einleit, |||MAURY|||, Jody Raar and Tigre contre Tigre.

Phosphene hosts four projects embodied by three electronic artists. Respectively from Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris, they decided to share the same stage and unveil a communal soundscape during this tour.

Phosphene, “lights under closed eyes”, is the vision directing the visual design elaboration, one immersive visual texture which have been declined on all the needed medium.

Various series of continuous experimentations on digital matter often based on analog drawings.

A first attempt to work on a cosmos representation, through the layers of a repeatedly printed image, produced black and white textures and revealed almost palpable wonders. Although the outcome lacks the depth of space, it reveals a poetic atmosphere through their elusive and undefined nature.

Various series of continuous experimentations on digital matter often based on analog drawings.

Exploration of materials by diving into them and analyzing them deeper. Examination of the reactions to stretching, blurring, destruction and recomposition.

Various series of continuous experimentations on digital matter based on analog drawings.

I decided to pursue an exploration of analog colors and materials by diving into them and analyzing them deeper. On that purpose, I scanned the elements and examined them with a digital perspective. Stretching the pixels and colors and using disruptive actions led to expressive textures, almost reflections of mood and thoughts.